Why should you avoid buying security seals from online portals?

Why do you seal containers such as shipping containers, duty free trolleys, drums etc.?

To protect your valuable content in those containers of course. You should therefore endeavour to use the best possible security seals. We believe that this is only achievable with expert advice.

It’s possible nowadays to buy security seals from various online portals, such as Ebay. But do you know who you are buying from? The integrity of the source is not guaranteed, and you cannot be sure that the seal you are buying is unique. You are buying completely anonymously. Because they can be easily manipulated, these kinds of seals are often bought for criminal purposes.

Good partnerships require trust and confidence.

Because of this, very little speaks in favour of buying security seals from online portals. Here are just a few arguments against it:

  • The uniqueness of the seal is not guaranteed (number/barcode, colour, logo)
  • The traceability of the seal is not guaranteed
  • What would happen if you had an urgent problem with the seal? If there are any problems, you have no contact person or aftercare following your purchase
  • The relevant certificates are not available (ISO 17712, environmental, REACH etc.)
  • Long-term supply capability is not assured
  • Without advice, how you can make sure that you have chosen the best solution for your needs?
  • As you do not know the origin of the seal, the risk of fraud is very high. Unfortunately, criminal origins cannot be ruled out

Our experience becomes your security

With Unisto, you are in good hands: you benefit from over 90 years' experience in the production of security seals and receive professional on-site advice from our security experts. You can enjoy the world's highest standards of quality, reliability and advice after delivery.

No online portal can guarantee so many advantages and reliability.

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